White-line woodblock prints developed in Provincetown,
Massachusetts in the early 1900s. I combine this century-old print technique with a contemporary grid format to show my specific sensibility
for color.

These abstract prints are studies on the subtle and disparate characteristics of color. The inexhaustible combinations of color have become a journey where the practice of color mixing continually leads to new discoveries.

Smalt Blue, Permanent Yellow

exhibited In Tandem at the Cape Cod Museum of Art,
Dennis, MA, 2023 SOLD

Grid: Blue, 8 x 8", 2019
This print was in
Floating Worlds
at The Art Complex, Duxbury, 2019

The series of prints titled
Color Conversations consist of two grids of nine squares each. The print size has each square measuring 1 ¼".
One square in the left grid is identical in color to one square in the right grid. This matching pair is separated and placed so as to have the same color appear different. When looking at these prints some colors meld together, while others pop forward and back. They appear soft or intense, quiet or raucous.

Viewed together what emerges is an awareness of the astonishingly limitless qualities of color.

Color Conversations were in:: Crossing the Line:
Innovators of the White Line Woodblock Print

Cape Cod Museum of Art

December 2016 to March 2017

Albers and Heirs
Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL
Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014
and University of Maine, Orono June 2014

Innovation and Color
Cahoon Museum of
American Art, Cotuit,MA
November 2013

The Color Conversation
Jaune Brilliant, Ash Blue is in the permanent collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum to commemorate their 100th year.

Member of the
Printmakers of Cape Cod

Prints may be purchased at
Kentler International Drawing Space

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Trio: Green, Lilac, 8 x 8 inches 2023
Exhibited in my solo show Calculated Color
Kingston Gallery, Boston, April 2023

Trio: Red, Turquoise, 8 x 8 inches 2023


This print was exhibited in Journey,
an exchange between
The Printmakers of Cape Cod and the
Printmakers of Tamar Valley, England, 2020

Grid: Orange, 8 x 8 inches 2019

Grid: Purple, 8 x 8 inches 2019

Grid: Red, 8 x 8 inches 2019

The above Grid: Purple was exhibited in Disrupting the Grid
at The Kentler International Drawing Place, Booklyn, NY, 2024
The curator, Hannah Israel wrote: “Jane Lincoln’s exploration of color takes on a structured yet expansive quality. Its boundless aspects become organized within a metaphorical grid, providing a framework for the limitless combinations found in her abstract prints. Each piece serves as a unique cell within this color grid, systematically uncovering the nuanced and diverse attributes of color while revealing unexpected revelations in the process.”

Color Conversations

This series of prints were exhibited in More Than ENOUGH
at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cotuit, May 9 to June 21, 2020


Green Gold; Cobalt Green
6 x 10 inches


Marigold; Permanent Green
6 x 10 inches


Ice Blue; Burnt Sienna
6 x 10 inches



Cadmium Red; Blue Violet
6 x 10 inches



Caput Mortum; Green Umber
6 x 10 inches


Leaf Green; Chinese Orange
6 x 10 inches


Yellow Ochre; Caput Mortum
6 x 10 inches



Brilliant Pink; Marigold
6 x 10 inches